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Our Aims

At Tetherdown, our aim is for the pupils to see science as the fun and vibrant subject that it is. We support our children to be assertive and inquisitive pupils who are able to use and apply their skills for working scientifically in a fun and investigative way, drawing on other areas of the curriculum to enrich their depth of knowledge. In addition, they should be able to ask and answer challenging questions and successfully carry out their investigations.

The Science curriculum is taught in a way that is child centred, ignites the children’s curiosity and empowers them to study the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world around them. In Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Science is taught through the unit ‘Understanding the World’.  In KS1 and KS2 we focus on the six ‘working scientifically’ strands and connect our science lessons to the world around us.


We encourage the children to ask insightful questions and recognise that the questions they pose can be answered in a number of ways. We give them opportunities to observe closely, use relevant equipment and perform simple tests. Through this, our children can identify and classify, using appropriate scientific language to communicate ideas. They use their observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions and gather and record data to help them answer questions. As we move up into KS2, these strands become more technical and complex and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the scientific world around them.

During our lessons, pupils are taught the appropriate skills to collaborate effectively, to interact with one another and discuss their findings.  There are Science working walls in each classroom, assisting children to practise and apply new vocabulary for each science topic.  Children learn about science through a range of inspiring and practical activities, both inside and outside the classroom.

Science, Technology Engineering, Maths (STEM) investigations are an important aspect of our Science sessions - these projects enhance the children’s skills and display the link between science and numerous other subject areas. We also celebrate excellence in science through a Science Fair and by holding a Science Week each year.

Our children are excited about science and enjoy opportunities to present their work to their peers, as well as pupils from other schools. This provides them with an opportunity to demonstrate understanding, have a real-world purpose for their work, and offers a moment of pride and acknowledgement of effort for both the children and teachers at Tetherdown.


What it Looks Like

Our children will:
  • Embrace a range of stimulating projects which the younger generation will look forward to as they move through the school, including Space travel and creating their own Mars rovers, making battery powered electric cars, investigating evidence of alien life on Mars, taking a trip to Walton on the Naze to investigate evolution and inheritance and many more.
  • Understand how scientists have impacted on our world and the role scientists play in solving challenging problems in the future.
  • Demonstrate a love of science investigation and deepen their interest through further study working collaboratively, challenged to solve problems and explore the world around them.