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Clubs & Activity Camps

Tetherdown values the wider curriculum and offers an extensive timetable of school clubs at lunchtime, and at the end of the school day. In addition, half-term and holiday activity camps take place at Tetherdown. Clubs provided range from sports, to arts and crafts, music, drama and more in a safe and nurturing environment.

Please note for all extra-curricular clubs, including half-term and holiday camps, it is the responsibility of the parents to pass on pupil medical condition(s) as necessary to the club provider, including whether your child has a health care plan in school with medication.

Extra-curricular Clubs - September 2024

Extra-curricular Club Times

  • Before School: 8:00am - 8:30am (Choir); 8:20am - 9:10am (Orchestra)
  • Lunchtime: 12:30 noon and 1:30pm daily. 
  • After school: 3:30pm - 4:30pm daily.

Autumn Term 2024 Extra-curricular Club Start and End Weeks

  • Before school, lunchtime and after-school clubs: START w/c 9th Sept END: w/e 6th Dec 2024 (on specified day in timetable).
  • Exceptions:
Club Start End
Y1-6 JK Dance (Rec after 1/2 term) w/c 16th Sept  w/e 6 Dec
Y3-6 Orchestra w/c 9th Sept 21st Nov
Ball Skills (Rec) w/c 23rd Sept w/e 6th Dec
Multi sports (Rec) w/c 23rd Sept w/e 6th Dec
Games (Rec) w/c 23rd Sept w/e 6th Dec
Y1-6 Gymnastics w/c 9th Sept w/e 13th Dec
  • Reception clubs delivered by external providers start after half-term the w/c 4th Nov 2024.

No extra-curricular clubs run during the first and last full week of term. The last week of term is used for any club catch-up sessions. No extra-curricular clubs run on school closure days (i.e. INSET day, bank holiday or half-term).

Club Registration

  • Tetherdown club providers: Registration is required for each new term for extra-curricular clubs run by Tetherdown. These clubs are identified in our published timetable.  Parents will be contacted in the previous term for registration for the next term. Only the choir and orchestra do not need to re-register in the spring and summer terms as these clubs are a commitment for the academic year starting in September.
  • External club providers: For club registration and information about clubs run by our external providers, please contact them directly. Contact details can be found in the club timetable.



Debutots - Aut 2024 Stitch Club - Aut 2024
Karate - Aut 2024 Chess Club - Aut 2024


Club Cancellation

Club Cancellation

  • If your child's extracurricular club at the end of the school day is cancelled by the provider, parents are advised to make alternative pick-up arrangements for their child and to notify the school office via email of the new arrangement no later than 2:45pm. Parents should not assume that the Tetherdown after-school club can take their child following a club cancellation if they cannot make alternative pick-up arrangements. 

  • Children who normally attend the Tetherdown after-school club directly after the cancelled extracurricular club (e.g. tennis) can go straight to after-school club at the end of the school day, however you will be charged accordingly for this session via ParentPay.

Activity Camps: Half Term and Holidays

We offer the opportunity for children to have a fun, active and safe learning experience. Children will learn and develop new and existing skills with an emphasis on staying active and enjoying their holiday.

Camps run at Tetherdown are geared towards offering a wide range of sports, physical activities and games to children between the ages of 5-11. Children will have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of sports and activities.

Camp information and registration details are communicated via our Newsletter and ParentPay to our Tetherdown parent community prior to any half-term and holiday camps taking place so look our for this type of communication!

Club Promotion: We will publish links to any advertising provided by clubs to promote their activity camp for the half-term or holidays. When we receive advertising this will be listed below.


Nile Wilson Gymnastics Academy (NWGA) - Summer Camp

Nile Wilson Gymnastics Academy (NWGA) - Extra Curricular Clubs