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Reception Admissions

Key Dates Primary Admissions Entry 2024

Key Dates for Reception Admissions Entry 2024 as Published by Haringey
  • 1st September 2023 - Applications Open.
  • 15th January 2024 - Application Deadline.
  • 16th April 2024 - Offer day/online outcome Online applicants will receive notification of their offer in an email. Paper applicants will be sent an offer letter.
  • 1st May 2024 - Acceptance deadline - online applicants should accept their offer online.
  • 17th May 2024 - Appeals deadline.

Starting Primary School in September 2024

Starting Primary School in September 2024

If you live in Haringey and your child was born between 1st September 2019 and 31st August 2020, then you will need to apply for a Reception school place for September 2024. You must submit your application before the deadline on 15th January 2024.  Even if you want your child to start school later, you must still apply now according to the key dates for Reception Admissions. You must apply for a Reception class place for your child even if you have an older brother or sister at our school.

eAdmissions website for on-line applications opens 1st September 2023 for a school place for September 2024. 

For detailed information about applying for a Reception place including SEND admissions; over subscription criteria; waiting lists; appeals and transfer from home education we strongly advise parents to read Haringey's Primary School Admissions booklet. This is a very comprehensive booklet which contains a wealth of useful information and will take you through the process, alternatively please contact Haringey Council's School Admissions Team on 020 8489 1000.

Reception Offers and Acceptance

Reception Offers and Acceptance – what happens next?

Online Reception applicants will receive notification of their offer in an email from Haringey Admissions and you will be directed to the Haringey website to view your letter and next steps. Once accepted all prospective parents will be invited in the summer term prior to admission in September to an information evening this is followed by a visit to the Reception class with your child. Immediately before admission there will be the opportunity for home visits by Reception staff and the children will be admitted under a phased approach, usually within three weeks of the start of term.

Waiting Lists

If, no places are available at Tetherdown a waiting list is held with the Haringey Admissions team. Allocations will be made based on a space becoming available for the child at the top of the waiting list and in the order of the admissions criteria for community schools. The school does not manage waiting list places. This list is coordinated and allocated by Haringey Council’s Schools Admissions Team. 

Useful Information for Parents

We welcome new families whether you are a Haringey resident or live outside Haringey or international. Enquire with Haringey School Admissions if you would like to find out more.

Haringey Council Admissions Team

For further information, including waiting lists for Tetherdown School contact Haringey Schools Admissions Team at Haringey Council.

Haringey Admissions Service Haringey Council
5th Floor, 48 Station Road
London N22 7TY

T: Tel: 020 8489 1000


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