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Our Aims

A broad and exciting Maths Curriculum is in place and provided to all children. We recognise that maths occurs in many areas of life and so we endeavour to provide opportunities to master number, geometry, measurement and statistics in cross-curricular, purposeful and inspiring activities.

Children are increasingly challenged as they move through the school to acquire better knowledge, learn and apply new skills and solve complex mathematical problems. Our Maths curriculum encourages curiosity, excitement and a fun approach across the range of topics.


Children experience a daily Maths lesson based on the White Rose Maths Scheme. This scheme has clear progression within the year as well as across the year groups, where children build on previous learning, revisiting mathematical concepts to ensure they become embedded.

Our lessons are planned to use resources that build understanding from concrete to pictorial to abstract representation of number right from Reception through to Year 6 (CPA method). Children’s learning is supported through a wide range of resources including Numicon, Dienes, Place Value Counters, Place Value charts and Number Fans. Teachers reinforce conceptual understanding through discussion, practical activities and increasingly complex challenges. Children develop agility in using the CPA method progressing through agreed strategies and activities identified in our Calculations Policy.

We make time to build fluency in instant recall and mental strategies so that children can work more efficiently and effectively as individuals, in pairs and in groups. We are making more and more use of technology and online resources providing engaging and fun activities in school and at home. We also place a strong emphasis on mathematical investigations.

What it Looks Like

Our children talk confidently about maths. They challenge one another to provide reasons for their findings and this deepens their understanding as they move through the curriculum. Maths is used across other areas of learning as an everyday tool for solving problems, whether it be managing a cake sale, planning a charity event, organising a special assembly or measuring shadows on the playground. Maths is exciting and children engage to such levels that they perform very well when compared with children nationally.