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In-Year Admissions

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In-Year Admissions

In-Year Admission Applications - Just moved to the area and your child is already school age?

In-year admission is the term used when a child is looking for a school place at any time during the academic year other than starting reception or transferring to junior school.

Applications for in-year admission are usually made when:

  • You have moved to an area, or moved residence within the area, and need a new school place for your child as a result of that move.
  • If your child is out of school and of school age.
  • If, you want your child to move from one school to another within the same year group.

For detailed information about applying for an in-year place including waiting lists; appeals and additional information we strongly advise parents to read Haringey's Primary School Admissions booklet, the Additional Information Section for In-Year Admission starting on page 54. This is a very comprehensive booklet and will take you through the process.

To apply to a Haringey School as an in-year applicant please complete the Haringey online in-year e-form which can be found on the Haringey Admissions website under 'How to Apply'.

If you are considering applying for an in-year place at Tetherdown, please first consult Haringey on 020 8489 1000.

Haringey Council Admissions Team

For further information, including waiting lists for Tetherdown School contact Haringey Schools Admissions Team at Haringey Council.

Haringey Admissions Service Haringey Council
8th Floor, River Park House 225 High Road
London N22 8HQ

T: Tel: 020 8489 1000


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