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Guide to being a Governor

Type of Governors

The Governing Body is made up of 11 individuals from the local community, including the Headteacher. Gary Robson is the elected Chair of the Governing Body at Tetherdown School. All Governors are elected for a 4-year term, save the Headteacher who is Ex Officio and Associate Members who are appointed annually.

We have:

  • 4 Parent Governors - parents of pupils of the school who are elected by the parent body.
  • 4 Co-opted Governors - elected by the Governors to bring necessary expertise.
  • 1 Local Authority Governor - nominated by the Local Authority.
  • 1 Staff Governor - elected by the staff at the school.
  • Associate Members - elected members who work with the Governing Body to provide a required level of expertise.  Associate members have voting rights on committees they have been appointed to.
  • The Headteacher is automatically a Governor.

Role of Governors

The role of the Governing Body is to make important decisions for the school, plan all aspects of the schools’ development and monitor and evaluate its progress. In essence the Governors have the ultimate collective responsibility for ensuring that the school is well managed and run and meets its statutory obligations. They are not involved in day-to-day activities and issues at the school this is the remit of the Headteacher.

It is the Governing Body's duty to:
  • Set the strategic direction, vision and ethos of the school.
  • Monitor and challenge the progress of the school in achieving its priorities.
  • Recruit and appraise the performance of the Headteacher.
  • Exercise employer responsibility.
  • Ensure the school(s) meet its statutory responsibilities.
  • Ensure financial probity.
  • Ensure the premises are well managed.
  • Report to the school’s stakeholders.
  • Hold the Headteacher to account.

How Governors Work

Each Governor is a member of one of two committees which focus on particular aspects of the school’s management, meeting on a regular basis to look into specific areas of responsibility. In addition, Governors attend two full governing body meetings per term and annual planning days. Each Committee has its own elected Chair. Tetherdown Committees and Chairs are:

Learning & Community Committee
Chair: Mark Hilton
Vice Chair: Dawn Barnes

Resources Committee
Chair: Juliet Natali

For further information about School Governors in Haringey visit:

Parent Governor Election - June 2024

Dear Parents/Carers

There is currently ONE vacancy for a parent governor of a pupil attending Tetherdown Primary School.   

Parent Governors have an important strategic part to play in helping to ensure that our children receive the best possible education and get the most out of the time they spend at Tetherdown.  Only parents, guardians and carers of pupils attending the school are eligible to stand or vote in the election.  If there are more nominations than places available, an election/ballot will be held.  The governing body has determined that the term of office for a parent governor is four years. If you are elected, you may serve the full term of office even if your child leaves the school before your term of office finishes.  

To complement the skills of current governors, applications from candidates with expertise or interest in managing finance, marketing, fundraising or health and safety backgrounds would be particularly welcome.  However, what we value above all is enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication to providing strategic guidance to and support for the school's leadership. 

If you are interested in being a parent governor, further details including, self-nominations are made online using the link in our letter emailed to all parents/guardians of pupils attending Tetherdown School.  

Deadline: Submit our online self-nomination form by 12 noon Wednesday 3rd July 2024.