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Tetherdown School is at the heart of a warm and welcoming community.  Children know each other well and enjoy spending time together both in and out of school.  Play dates are regularly organised and children build lasting friendships.  Parents and carers enjoy a strong support network; trusting relationships can support the day to day when things get busy.  Our Breakfast Club and After School Club enable working families to manage their day more smoothly, with additional activities enhancing children’s enjoyment of learning new and exciting skills.

We regularly use our community to expand on learning experiences: visits to the Synagogue, the Church, the Chinese restaurant, Alexandra Palace all enhance our curriculum and the children’s appreciation of their locality.  These visits are well-supported by parents and carers so that the children have fun, are safe and well cared for.

Our Friends of Tetherdown provide a variety of opportunities to socialise and have fun whilst raising much needed funds for our school.  Governors provide Tetherdown with the strategic direction and challenge staff to offer the best provision for all children.

Tetherdown – where happy children are inspired to be the best they can be!