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LGFL Coronation Competition Update

A whopping 5 of those 12 winners were children from Tetherdown!

Earlier this year in May, the Head Coachman at Buckingham Palace chose 12 winning artworks submitted by school children from across England, who partook in LGFL’s Coronation Coach Competition. A whopping five of those 12 winners were children from Tetherdown! Over the summer, these children's designs were put on public display in the Family Pavilion at Buckingham Palace. The winning designs can also be found on LGFL’s website: 

The Coronation - Winners Gallery (

The five Tetherdown winners were:

  • Amelia - Year 5
  • Amelia F - Year 5
  • Alma - Year 6
  • Flossie - Year 6
  • Vivienne - Year 5