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Year 5's Busy Week!

Year 5 have been busy!

Y5 Komodos Class Assembly

Y5 Komodos had a successful assembly showing their learning through three enquiry questions (How did WW2 impact the world, the Homefront and our local area?). Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their historical knowledge, thoughtful evacuation diaries and ‘swingtastic’ dance moves. Most importantly the Komodos children had a blast performing to their peers and family.

Both Year 5 Classes have been busy participating in Apollo's Workshops

Apollo is a classical music group, who have been delivering live performance to both Year 5 classes. Over the past few weeks, they have furthered the children’s musical knowledge focusing on brass and string instruments. This term, they have taught the pupils at Tetherdown many interesting facts including that the common garden hose can be used with a funnel to make a horn! Y5 are very much looking forward to their trip next week to see Apollo’s orchestral performance at Regent Hall. 

Y5 Tate Modern Trip 

As part of our Surrealism topic, Year 5 visited the Tate Modern Art Gallery. We had a great time exploring the different surrealist artwork and worked hard to apply our knowledge of the technical vocabulary when analysing the different work on display.  

Link to our photo gallery for more Tate Modern trip photos!