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Tetherdown Students Soar in Skateboarding Workshop

Skateboarding workshop for Years 1 to 6 - a resounding success!

Our recent skateboarding workshop for Years 1 to 6 was a resounding success, leaving our pupils with new skills and newfound confidence. Over the course of the session, the students learnt fundamental skateboarding techniques, from basic balancing and turning to moving with their skateboard.

The instructor from Team Rubicon created a supportive and fun environment, encouraging each child to push their boundaries and try new tricks. As the workshop progressed, it was evident that the students not only improved their skateboarding abilities but also gained significant self-assurance.

Their faces lit up with pride as they mastered each new skill, and the sense of accomplishment was seen and heard throughout the school over the two days.

This experience has undoubtedly left a lasting impact, inspiring many to continue their skateboarding journey with enthusiasm and confidence.