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School Film Competition Shines with Student Creativity

The originality and quality of the entries were so impressive!

This year's school film competition showcased the incredible creativity and talent of our students. Participants planned, wrote, filmed, and produced their own films, demonstrating exceptional skills in animation, stop-motion, and live action. The originality and quality of the entries were so impressive that our judges had an incredibly tough time selecting the winners!

Congratulations to our talented winners who received trophies for their outstanding work:

  • Year 1 - Emma (Y1 Bumblebees) with "A ROYAL RESCUE"
  • Year 3 - Edith (Y3 Parrots) with "THE BEAR AND THE BEANSTALK"
  • Year 3 - Alice (Y3 Parrots) with "TRY HARD"
  • Year 4 - Aksel (Y4 Leopards) with "DREAM ON"
  • Year 5 - Lottie (Y5 Chameleons) with "I HAVE AN IDEA"
  • Year 6 - Daniel (Y6 Griffins) with "THE BLADE OF BOOMBAMBAM"

Our runners-up, who each received medals for their fantastic films, are:

  • Year 3 - Darshan (Y3 Peacocks) with "THE SKATEBOARD OF LEGEND 2 - THE STONE AGE"
  • Year 3 - Matilde (Y3 Parrots) with "A SUMMER NIGHT IN MUSWELL HILL"
  • Year 5 - Freya (Y5 Komodos) and Vivienne O'Reilly (Y5 Chameleons) with "ESCAPE"
  • Year 5 - Edie and Nia (Y5 Chameleons) with "THE MYSTERY OF THE LOST PEA"

We encourage all students to start thinking about their film ideas for next year’s competition. With so much creativity in our school, we can't wait to see what stories you’ll bring to life on the big screen!