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Y6 PGL Upcoming Visit - Monday 22nd to Friday 26 May 2017

Year 6 Archery Course November 2016

This half-term in P.E, Year 6 children have been learning soft archery.  Mr Holloway’s friend Wesley has kindly volunteered to give both Year 6 Classes four soft archery lessons.  It is only fair to say that the classes have successfully achieved to hit the targets!  click here for further details

This has given the children a great opportunity to learn an interesting and inspiring sport which they will hopefully take up at a later date.  As well as being a very enjoyable activity for the Year 6 classes, the archery has also helped the pupils gain confidence in accuracy and strength whilst holding the heavy bows.  We are grateful for all the effort Wesley has put into teaching us and the eventual results have been very satisfying.

By Maxim, Clara and Tobi from Year 6 Phoenix.

Maths video
To help Year 6 with their revision in maths, children have produced a short video available here.