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A trip to Hatfield House     By Fifi, Y5 Komodos

On Wednesday the 3rd May, Year 5 went on an exciting school trip to Hatfield House, in Hatfield. Year 5 travelled back to the 1540’s to explore the fascinating Tudor period under King Henry VIII.

Like a restless puppy entering the park after a day of being shut inside, Year 5 hopped into the bright, yellow bus. The moment everyone was comfortable, which took around 5 minutes, the bus zoomed to the final destination. It seemed like a year to the excited children as they speculated the day ahead. It took 45 minutes to get to Hatfield House and they arrived at around 9:00am. Little did they know the wonders prepared for their day ahead.

Their first activity was a ground tour presented by Phil. Komodos gazed at the colossal brick house where, as Phil said, the nobility (King Henry VIII’s children) learnt their lessons as children. They discovered that the house had been built for a bishop which explained the numerous amount of windows. The bishop gave the house to Henry Tudor or more commonly known as Henry VII. Phil then led Komodos to a magnificent statue - behind the house - of Queen Elizabeth I with some courtiers. It was beautiful but many pieces had fallen because of a fire. Like entranced ducklings, they listened to the history of the statue that had been at the Bank of England when the fire arose. Luckily, it was rescued. Year 5 then gazed at a small maze.

Following the tour, Year 5 were led to a titchy hall where they met a man with a colourful outfit, and a guitar at his back. Next to him, sitting on a chair, sat a woman in a green, velvet dress. The children were not aware that they were in the presence of Catherine Parr, so they joyfully chatted about their tour. They then sang ‘The Hunt is Up’ to prepare before they were presented to the king - Henry VIII. Everyone was nervous, aware of his sudden changes of temper, when they entered the colossal courts. Henry the VIII was presented with food and a painting Catherine had painted of Henry, Edward and his favourite wife- Jane. While Henry talked about his injury, Wissal whispered, “He really does change his moods!” Year 5 was led up the stairs to the great Henry VIII royal guard, who told the year group about some shocking, shooting rules about the long bow.

As Year 5 entered the farm, they smelled a whiff of cow dung, however, they soon got used to it. Excitedly, they met their guides, who were experts on how the Tudors used animals to get resources, for example, the Tudors used a female to produce more pigs to have some pig meat! They also experienced the company of some cute, baby lambs, however one of them nipped Lorcan on the finger. Fifi, one of the students, cried; “Me and the lamb connected out there!” when she played with the lamb. Year 5 also looked at two horses and 3 different types of pigs. After looking at the animals, they got a free tractor ride looking at the grassy lands stretching before them.

Much to their joy, Year 5 Komodos got to play in the playground, and in a mini sculpture of Hatfield House. The mini Hatfield House was Komodos’ favourite toy in the playground, and by the end of the eventful 15 minutes everyone was playing on it. “How fun. The end of this trip was fabulous!” exclaimed Amelie, panting heavily. It seemed like everyone had a marvellous time with interesting facts. Wissal summarised; “The playground was my favourite bit but I loved it all.”

Year 5 left Hatfield House happy to share their new facts in class. Will the nest year 5 class enjoy themselves as much? We’ll have to wait and see but Year 5 truly recommend Hatfield House.

On Wednesday 11th January 2017 Year 5 Chameleons went to the British Library to take part in workshops and learn about how they might research topics. In one of the workshops we looked at the Ancient King’s Library. The books belonged to George III and looked very impressive; the shelves went up to the ceiling and down in to the basement! In our second workshop we went to the Treasure Room. In the Treasure room we saw an enormous globe symbolising gods. There was also a display about Beatle song lyrics and we could listen to some of the songs at a listening station! Amazingly there was a copy of the Magna Carta. Our teachers were very proud of how we represented Tetherdown throughout the day. 

By Lola, Daisy and Marco

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 World Book Day
The children all had an amazing time – made even better by the fantastic news that Tetherdown is actually a “runner-up” in the 2017 World Book Day Competition.  Well done Tetherdown!

Our “fashion show” of book characters went very well, with some difficult decisions being made by the judges.