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The Tetherdown tiddlers
The Tetherdown tiddlers are a group of figurines that have been distributed around our school, for mapping week, by Josie Pickett in Y5 chameleons. These figurines have been strategically placed around the school so that they could create a treasure hunt. To help them complete the hunt, they have given them directions, followed by steps and finally a clue.

When the hunt was being completed, the Y6’s were partnered with receptions, Y5’s were partnered with Y1’s, and Y4’s were partnered with Y2’s. The story sold to the children was that these creatures were living off of their lost resources, such as rubbers and pencils.

Also, these creatures where sighted when Aldena (a member of receptions lunch staff) just started at the school and the head teacher (Betty Mc cloud) had seen and believed the tale of the Tetherdown tiddlers. These mischievous monsters, back then stole the school log book that recorded all the goings on at the school.

On Friday, an assembly was held to show off what each class had been completing throughout the week. In this assembly various things had been shown, such as: Y2 owl’s family trees, Y3’s classroom plans, Y5 Komodo’s refugee tales, and of course Y5’s chameleons Tetherdown tiddlers. When Josie came to stage, she gave a speech and got given a photo of all her tiddlers in a collage.

In conclusion, the Tetherdown tiddlers were a collection of creatures distributed around the school. All of them are different and unique, some of them are even still there now.

See more of Josie’s work on twitter #josiesminiart.