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Summer 1 2017  Topic Letter                                                      Summer 2 2017 Topic Letter

Swaminarayan Mandir

On Thursday 1st December, Year 3 went on a school trip to the Hindu Temple to learn about Hindu worship.  We set off from school around 9:30 and had quite a long journey, which was comfortable and cosy.  When we arrived we were astonished by its beauty.  The building was like a snowflake falling from the sky and reminded us of the Taj Mahal.  While we were going in we removed our shoes and coats and as soon as I turned around I saw a beautiful, colourful rangoli pattern.

We were then led into a magnificent hall with a wonderful carpet.  Whilst we were in the Haveli we watched a video about how the temple was built.  It was full of interesting facts.  It is made of Indian and Italian marble.  As soon as the video had finished we went up to the Sanctum to draw pictures followed by the Arti ceremony and they sang a peaceful song while candles were being waved over statues of special Gods. (The Murtis).

My opinion is that it’s the best school trip ever because it was very interesting.  Xanthe, Y3 Peacocks.

The British Museum - Our Great Trip!

On a fantastic Friday Year 3 went to the huge, interesting British Museum. The massive museum was as big as 20 grey African Elephants. While we were there, we saw the large, grey Rosetta Stone, some ancient long scrolls and gory, white mummies.


As we walked to the small but fantastic Egypt room, we saw the huge, hard Rosetta Stone. The people there were as busy as bees, buzzing round a honey pot. After this I saw some ancient brown scrolls which were as long as an extremely huge crocodile.  Then quickly, quietly I spotted gory, monstrous mummies. They were as white as shiny paper gleaming in their huge glass cabinets. My favourite part was when I saw the Rosetta Stone because it is the most famous rock in the world!


Recount by Elliot (Year 3 Parrots)