Our Staff 2020-2021

Headteacher - Mr T Woodward
Deputy Head - Mr R Evans and Ms A Ashraf


Rec Ladybirds

1 Dragonflies
Ms F Moffatt
Ms S Umer
(Nursery Nurse)

Ms C Capone
Rec Butterflies

Year 1 Bumblebees
Ms A Compton
Ms S Piyiotis
Ms A Griffin
(Nursery Nurse)

Ms B Joseph                              
Teaching Support for the PhaseMs F Pretty
Ms S Bradburn
Ms C Featherstone



Year 2 Owls

Year 3 Peacocks

Year 4 Jaguars
Ms G Etan

Ms H McQuarrie

Mr R Evans
(Deputy Head)
Ms K Jethwa

Year 2 Eagles

Year 3 Parrots

Year 4 Leopards
Ms J Hughes

Ms C Coburn

Ms A Clarke

Teaching Support for the PhaseMs C Foster
Ms L Testa
Ms S Moolman
Ms A Moir (HLTA)


Year 5 Chameleons

Year 6 Griffins
Ms A Ashraf
(Deputy Head)
Ms B Cohen

MS R Gillingham
Ms H Jones (Associate Teacher)
Year 5 Komodos

Year 6 Phoenix

Ms R Binger

Mr A Rose

Teaching Support for the PhaseMs T Bond
Ms S Nicholls
Ms F Pretty
Ms D Jovic
Mr L Reynolds (HLTA)


Special Needs (SENDCo)
Special Needs Assistant

Senior SMSA
Special SMSA
School Meals Supervisory
Assistants (SMSA)

Ms T McMeakin
Fay Bartram

Ms A Skeete
Ms T Cernuta
Ms A Palmer
Ms P Eusebe
Ms D Geen-Moore
Ms W Rodgers
Ms B Magin
Ms S Linton
Ms S Moolman
Ms T Greene

Business Manager

Finance Assistant
Communications Officer
Pupil & Parent Link

Site Manager
Assistant Site Manager

Premises Staff
Ms M Moss

Ms L Davies
Ms C Lewis
Ms L Robson

Mr E Francis
Mr J Tarin Morales

Ms C Padnawad

Breakfast ClubMs D Geen-Moore
Ms A Palmer
Ms P Eusebe
Ms S Linton

After School ClubMs B Magin
Ms Linton
Ms H Goy


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