Assessment Results 2016 

You may be aware that 2016 saw changes to the way national testing is carried out with pupils at the end of KS1 and KS2.  These modifications were developed in response to earlier changes within the National Curriculum (2014).  As a result, expectations have been increased on all pupils in Years 2 and 6 across the country.

Year 6 pupils are expected to reach a new “pass mark” of 100 out of 120 (a scaled score calculated from the tests).  This is the national expectation.  Those achieving beyond 110 on this scale are deemed to be working at the higher standard.  

As a high performing school, Tetherdown continues to perform above the national average for all areas.  Looking at the trend of attainment over the last three years is difficult.  The “old” system does not compare or equate with the new system.  Given the fact that we have now had the opportunity to evaluate our pupils’ outcomes the Senior Leadership Team is implementing ways to ensure pupils achieve highly in all areas of their learning whilst making beyond the expected amount of progress from their starting points.  This is what we at Tetherdown do well. 

We are already looking into ways of:

  •          Developing guided reading practices in the Lower Phase
  •          Promoting a joined style of handwriting across the school
  •          Researching best practice in relation to the teaching of spelling
  •          Encouraging children to “talk” before they write (great fun!)
  •          Building on the revised mathematical strategies and calculations required at the end of each year group

Click here for test results for pupils in 2016.

(Figures may be subject to change following publication of the latest DfE analysis later in the autumn term.)

View further details about our school's performance by visiting the DfE Website here.

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