The Curriculum
The subjects within the curriculum are largely grouped within topic areas. For example, most of the writing within literacy will be related to topic work: e.g. children might be using the persuasive writing genre within the context of a leaflet to encourage people to recycle as part of a Geography project. The aim is to retain the integrity of subject discipline whilst maximising the links between subject areas to create a meaningful context for children’s learning. Teachers will send out Topic Letters towards the beginning of each term to let you know what the children will be learning. You can find these Topic Letters in the Classrooms area and by clicking on your child's year group.

Home Learning Guidelines
You can support your child's learning in the home by following our Home Learning Guidelines.  Click here for more information.

Click here for guidance on remote learning and managing Home Learning using Teams (as at 1.10.2020)

Supporting Children Letter
Click here to go to our letter outlining how we support children's social development as they progress through the school.

Curriculum Maps:

Year 1 Phonics Workshop December 2018. Click here

You can find out more about the National Curriculum by clicking here.


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