Term Dates

Please find below Tetherdown's published Term Dates for 2020-21 and 2021-22. The term dates framework is set by Haringey Council.  Teachers in state schools are required to undertake five Inset days in addition to the 190 teaching days that children are required to be in school. The five Inset days are determined by the school. All schools do their best to set their Inset days to coincide with other local state schools in the area however this is not always possible.  

Please note: Parents should refer to the Tetherdown Published Term dates when making any plans.

Tetherdown Published Term Dates 

Haringey Published Term Dates

Click here to link to Haringey's 2020-21 Academic Year Term dates​

Click here to link to Haringey's 2021-22 Academic Year Term dates​

Holidays in term time

We do not authorise holidays in term time under any circumstances.  Parents / Carers, please ensure that you do not book holidays or flights for before term ends or for after term has begun.  Every day in school matters.  We see the number of requests for time out of school for either personal illness or to visit seriously sick elderly relatives rise considerably towards the end of each term.  It is impossible for us to distinguish between a bona fida request for leave and those taking an opportunity to leave for a holiday. 

All requests for leave during term time are monitored by the Headteacher who may wish to meet with you to discuss your request further.

term dates
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