Getting Involved with the Friends of Tetherdown

Getting involved is easy and being involved is fun! Here are a few ways to participate. We’re always welcome to new ideas and suggestions.

Attending events and activities:
The more people, the greater the fun and the more money we raise!

Volunteering to help with specific events or activities:
We always need help preparing for and during our events. We especially need people with first-aid/medical training, designers and printers, amateur photographers, quiz masters, musicians, singers, and sound and lighting enthusiasts.

Becoming a class representative:

Each class has parent/carer representatives who facilitate communication and develop strong relationships between the school office, teachers, parents and the Friends of Tetherdown. They support our children and parents through a number of activities, from social gatherings for parents, to arranging Christmas parties for the class. The class reps are instrumental in helping with Friends of Tetherdown fundraising initiatives and supporting events.

Join the 
Friends of Tetherdown Committee.
We welcome volunteers who want to be more actively involved on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in becoming a committee member you can join at any time.

Remember, your skills may be of real value to the school. Do let us know what you do or what your interests are, and we’re sure to find a great way for you to get involved. Email Mia at

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