PSA Fundraising
Events, such as the Christmas fair and the Summer fair, are some of the PSA's biggest sources of income. They are also great fun, and your participation in them is a key ingredient of their success. Please look out for upcoming events in the school newsletter or on our events page.

Match Funding -The Easy Way to Raise Money for Your School

So, what is matched funding? It’s when one group raises money and another group agrees to match the amount that’s been raised – or a percentage of the amount raised.It’s really simple - If you work for an organisation that has a match funding policy, any money you raise through fundraising for a registered charity such as the PSA, could be matched by your employer. click this document for further information and this for a list of Match Funding companies.

Our school is constantly looking for ways to improve the educational experience for our children. Even with an active calendar of successful fundraising events, there is often a shortfall in funds. If you would like to donate money to the school, either via a one-off donation or regular giving, then please complete this donation form and return it to the school office, marked PSA Treasurer.

The Giving Machine
When shopping online please use TheGivingMachine or the Shop&Give app. It costs you nothing as the money received by the school is paid by the retailer, not you. (TheGivingMachine is a not-for-profit organisation.) By using this free service we can raise a substantial amount of money for the school, so please select Tetherdown Primary School PSA as your charity and remember to access all your usual stores through TheGivingMachine portal.

Download the Shop&Give App:   Apple iTunes     

Where does the money go?
We will shortly be updating this part of the website with a past, present and future of PSA funded projects together with details of the annual funding we provide to the school.

Get in touch
We welcome new ideas for social events and fundraising initiatives. We're also happy to answer any questions you have regarding the activities of the PSA. Please contact

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