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Raising money

posted 29 Sept 2016, 03:09 by Tetherdown Primary

On Monday 19th September Gabi, Caroline and Tom decided to raise some money for Tetherdown school.  “We got inspired by an elderly lady. Although she has a disability, and is in a wheelchair, she is still able to water her flowers.  So we asked if we could help her.  She kindly said thank you for offering but she didn’t want to waist our time”. 

Tom thought about the nice lady and said why don’t we raise money so we did  . We went house to house collecting money. At the end we raised £7.95.  Sum of the jobs we did were nice, like walking the dog, but others were more challenging such as sorting out stinky cloths and taking them upstairs!  “We also did a bit of singing at our neighbours house because she didn’t have any jobs for us at the time.  It was really exciting and we had fun.