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“Night Zoo Keeper” - World Creative Writing Month.

posted 22 Apr 2016, 07:42 by Tetherdown Primary   [ updated 22 Apr 2016, 07:49 ]
“Night Zoo Keeper” - World Creative Writing Month.

This message is from Y5 teachers to say how proud we are of Year 5 children.

The children took part in a world writing competition. Their team work and team spirit, dedication and sheer determination, was so impressive.  Their aim was to produce a range of creative writing that we really enjoyed reading. The standard of writing really improved as they continued to write. We would like to say a big thank you to the parents as well, as much of this work was completed at home.

The amazing news was that out of 414 classes across the world Y5 Chameleons came 4th in the league. More astounding was that Y5 Komodos came 2nd in the world.

Please watch this link to see Johnny explaining what happened in the final week and to hear Scarlet’s poem.