Tetherdown Short Film Competition Awards!

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Tetherdown Teddy for Best Attendance!

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In our fortnightly newsletter we announce the class with the best attendance record. This class is rewarded with the “Tetherdown Teddy” .

Our “Tetherdown Teddy” for best attendance was last give to Year 3 Parrots Class with 98.77% – well done!!

Winners of Y5 Fortismere Maths STEM (Science Technology Education and Maths) Fair

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On Friday 18th June a few members of Year 5 went to the Fortismere maths fair, to compete in a Maths competition against other schools in Haringey.

The competition was very tough and some of the projects were amazing and a very high standard. The aim of the competition was to show present and show a display of Maths in context. We took along a presentations about Maths in Art, Maths in Music and Maths about the Number 24.

We were very nervous and didn’t expect to do very well, as this was the first time we had ever entered this sort of competition. Several judges came round to ask questions and listen to the presentations. Whilst they wrote the scores down and we kept our fingers crossed. Eventually the results came in.

It was very close but Francesca, Hugo and Maria’s group came 1st which showed Maths linked to Art. There were artistic drawings about pi, how Fibonacci is important in famous paintings like the Mona Lisa and how to use art and multiplication.

In addition Hugo and Sam won 1st place in the robotics contest led Computing department and older Fortismere (ex Tetherdown) students.

So in the end we did well, very well!!! Thank you to all our teachers who gave us ideas, the parents who came to support us especially improving our presentation skills and to Ms Ashraf for taking and guiding us.

Tetherdown Movie Makers!

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Film Competition

A huge thank you to everyone who entered the Short Film Competition. There were lots of entries and they were ALL fantastic. All the films showed a massive amount of imagination, creativity and hard work. Really, really well done to all the filmmakers involved. It was truly very hard to pick the winners. There are 2 joint winners from the infants and 2 joint winners from the juniors. 

Permission has been given by our movie makers for you to watch their film.  Click here to access the links.


Winner: Monty  - Year 2 Eagles for “The Tale of Mount Fruitji and The Apples” (Prize of Trophy, 2 cinema tickets to Everyman and golden envelope)

Winner: Zacharie and Iulia – Reception Ladybirds and Year 2 Eagles for “The Magical Shock” (Prize of Trophy, 2 cinema tickets to the Everyman and 2 golden envelopes)


Winner : Luke – Year 3 Parrots for “Ice Cyoobs” (Prize of Trophy, 2 cinema tickets to the Vue and a golden envelope)

Winner: Fergal – Year 6 Phoenix for “The Time Machine” (Prize of Trophy, 2 cinema tickets to the Vue and a golden envelope)

Runners Up: Oscar – Year 2 Owls for a great effort for “The Falcon Story” (prize of a golden ticket)




Celebrating Diversity at Tetherdown

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We would like to thank all those parents who engaged with our recent data collection on children who experience English as an Additional Language (EAL). Now that we have updated our systems we would like to celebrate the fact that we have 28 languages in our school and we are proud of our multi-lingual learning community. The information on specific stages of learning is still being collated and will be fed back to the DfE so that we can benefit from additional funding grants. We are hopeful that by
sharing your child’s language experiences with us we will see an increase in our funding as we are currently the lowest funded school in Haringey. If you did not have the opportunity to tell us about your child’s language(s) experiences please let us know and we can send you a new form and update our records accordingly.

Ofsted Report: Good (March 2017)

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To read the inspection report please click here.  At the end of his visit the Inspector stressed how much progress had been made since our last Ofsted inspection. He emphasised the improvements made with regards to systems and processes put in place to monitor learning and to enhance teaching. The Inspector was especially impressed with the writing curriculum at Tetherdown, which he thought was very engaging, and with the Early Years teaching which gives children an excellent start in this school. As a result of this positive feedback, we are disappointed that we were not able to improve our rating to ‘Outstanding’ as we feel that significant improvements have been made in the required areas since our last inspection.

As a Governing Body we do believe that this school is outstanding in many ways, particularly in the creativity of the curriculum and in the sense of community that is provided for our children. We are also mindful that a single-day Ofsted Inspection can only ever provide a snapshot of the school. We are confident that our goal of being a school where children are offered many opportunities to grow, thrive and to respect one another remains.

Hockey London Youth Games

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On the 23rd March Mr Holloway took a team of ten to the hockey London Youth Games after our victory in the quick sticks Haringey tournament. The team being Zacky, Alessandro, Arun, Zakary, Selin, Scarlet, Lal, Amelie, Sam L and Maxim. Unfortunately, not all of the children could play because of the 8 player rotation but they still came and gave their support. Overall our team did an amazing job and came 2nd out of the 33 London boroughs, it was a great achievement and we could have never done it without the coaching and patience of Mr Holloway. We definitely owe him a big thank you, but not just for coaching but also for getting us interviewed for T.V. and the big cookie he gave us at the end.
By Scarlet and Selin from Year 6 Phoenix Class.

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Wonderful World Book Day

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On 2nd March 2017, an exciting event took place across the world. Lots of schools celebrated World Book Day. Our school, Tetherdown Primary School, took part in a national competition that thousands of other schools entered as well. Everyone who took part in this competition was asked to create a whole school display inspired by the imaginative story ‘A Child of Books’ by Oliver Jeffers and beautifully illustrated by Sam Winston.

Using our school vision statement “Where friendships thrive and children learn to discover a world of possibilities”, we began to explore how we could create a display that showed our passion and use of creative imaginations. ‘A Child of Books’ was a perfect starting point as we were inspired by the imaginative use of writing in the illustrations. This immediately motivated and excited all of us providing a purpose for our individual pieces for the whole school display. We explored the use of the written word in our topics, reading and engaging with a variety of texts.

Amazingly, we came runner up in the national competition along with quite a few other schools. It was announced in a special assembly by the kind and caring Miss Sweeney. After the brilliant news was announced, we had a fashion show to display our creative, imaginative costumes.

Overall, we had an exciting, enjoyable day and will continue to read lots of books to inspire our writing and learning.

By Ellie and Rosie

Year 4 Leopards Class

Tetherdown Bake Off

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On Wednesday 30th November, Maddy, Zalie, Mabel and Ben held the finals of the Tetherdown bake off. The event was extremely successful; funded by the cake sale held previously- donations were also given to the Neuroblastoma Society and the school. 

The finalists were Anoushka, Nur, Charlie, Tobi, Yasmin and Arun. Year 6 would like to thank Debbie Linton, Emma Spitzer, Mr Evans and Ms Moir for their help with the project.  The children received a wonderful copy of the “Great British Bake Off” with a super Bake Off apron for Charlie, the winner.

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