Ofsted Report: Good (March 2017)

posted 8 May 2017, 06:25 by Tetherdown Primary

To read the inspection report please click here.  At the end of his visit the Inspector stressed how much progress had been made since our last Ofsted inspection. He emphasised the improvements made with regards to systems and processes put in place to monitor learning and to enhance teaching. The Inspector was especially impressed with the writing curriculum at Tetherdown, which he thought was very engaging, and with the Early Years teaching which gives children an excellent start in this school. As a result of this positive feedback, we are disappointed that we were not able to improve our rating to ‘Outstanding’ as we feel that significant improvements have been made in the required areas since our last inspection.

As a Governing Body we do believe that this school is outstanding in many ways, particularly in the creativity of the curriculum and in the sense of community that is provided for our children. We are also mindful that a single-day Ofsted Inspection can only ever provide a snapshot of the school. We are confident that our goal of being a school where children are offered many opportunities to grow, thrive and to respect one another remains.

Hockey London Youth Games

posted 31 Mar 2017, 06:26 by Tetherdown Primary

On the 23rd March Mr Holloway took a team of ten to the hockey London Youth Games after our victory in the quick sticks Haringey tournament. The team being Zacky, Alessandro, Arun, Zakary, Selin, Scarlet, Lal, Amelie, Sam L and Maxim. Unfortunately, not all of the children could play because of the 8 player rotation but they still came and gave their support. Overall our team did an amazing job and came 2nd out of the 33 London boroughs, it was a great achievement and we could have never done it without the coaching and patience of Mr Holloway. We definitely owe him a big thank you, but not just for coaching but also for getting us interviewed for T.V. and the big cookie he gave us at the end.
By Scarlet and Selin from Year 6 Phoenix Class.

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Wonderful World Book Day

posted 14 Mar 2017, 09:22 by Tetherdown Primary

On 2nd March 2017, an exciting event took place across the world. Lots of schools celebrated World Book Day. Our school, Tetherdown Primary School, took part in a national competition that thousands of other schools entered as well. Everyone who took part in this competition was asked to create a whole school display inspired by the imaginative story ‘A Child of Books’ by Oliver Jeffers and beautifully illustrated by Sam Winston.

Using our school vision statement “Where friendships thrive and children learn to discover a world of possibilities”, we began to explore how we could create a display that showed our passion and use of creative imaginations. ‘A Child of Books’ was a perfect starting point as we were inspired by the imaginative use of writing in the illustrations. This immediately motivated and excited all of us providing a purpose for our individual pieces for the whole school display. We explored the use of the written word in our topics, reading and engaging with a variety of texts.

Amazingly, we came runner up in the national competition along with quite a few other schools. It was announced in a special assembly by the kind and caring Miss Sweeney. After the brilliant news was announced, we had a fashion show to display our creative, imaginative costumes.

Overall, we had an exciting, enjoyable day and will continue to read lots of books to inspire our writing and learning.

By Ellie and Rosie

Year 4 Leopards Class

Tetherdown Bake Off

posted 15 Dec 2016, 00:31 by Tetherdown Primary

On Wednesday 30th November, Maddy, Zalie, Mabel and Ben held the finals of the Tetherdown bake off. The event was extremely successful; funded by the cake sale held previously- donations were also given to the Neuroblastoma Society and the school. 

The finalists were Anoushka, Nur, Charlie, Tobi, Yasmin and Arun. Year 6 would like to thank Debbie Linton, Emma Spitzer, Mr Evans and Ms Moir for their help with the project.  The children received a wonderful copy of the “Great British Bake Off” with a super Bake Off apron for Charlie, the winner.

Tetherdown on the tele!

posted 24 Nov 2016, 08:39 by Tetherdown Primary

Year 6 children will appear on the Victoria Derbyshire on Monday 28th November at 9:00am on BBC2Ms Ashraf and the children have been interviewed, sharing their most recent work with “Changing Faces” the charity which supports children with facial disfigurement.  

Tetherdown Bake Off!

posted 24 Nov 2016, 06:26 by Tetherdown Primary

On Friday 18th of November, Maddy, Zalie, Ben and Mabel organised a cake sale to raise money for the school and the Neuroblastoma UK charity for childhood cancer.  We have successfully raised over £260.00 to help.  Not only did we organise a cake sale for the school but we also held a “bake-off” for the whole of year six.  The cakes that were entered were at an outstanding level.  The effort that was put into these cakes was a lot and the standard was extremely high.  It was so heart-warming to see how many people care about helping cancer and making our school the best it could possibly be.  Even though this is our last year attending Tetherdown, we want to secure a bright and happy education for everyone in the future of our school a, just like the school has provided for us.  We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the cake sale and bake-off as well as those who bought cakes.

The Bake-Off Team

(Written by Zalie and Maddy)

Raising money

posted 29 Sep 2016, 03:09 by Tetherdown Primary

On Monday 19th September Gabi, Caroline and Tom decided to raise some money for Tetherdown school.  “We got inspired by an elderly lady. Although she has a disability, and is in a wheelchair, she is still able to water her flowers.  So we asked if we could help her.  She kindly said thank you for offering but she didn’t want to waist our time”. 

Tom thought about the nice lady and said why don’t we raise money so we did  . We went house to house collecting money. At the end we raised £7.95.  Sum of the jobs we did were nice, like walking the dog, but others were more challenging such as sorting out stinky cloths and taking them upstairs!  “We also did a bit of singing at our neighbours house because she didn’t have any jobs for us at the time.  It was really exciting and we had fun.

Invitation to Changing Faces – Face Equality Event

posted 24 May 2016, 03:48 by Tetherdown Primary

On Monday 9th May, Y5 were invited to a ‘Face Equality’ event at the Mall Galleries on the Mall. We were asked to attend as ‘a beacon school for equality and respect’.  The Y5 teachers have worked closely with Changing Faces to devise national lesson plans on facial disfigurements with regard to the Book Wonder by RJ Palacio.   The team from Changing Faces were so amazed by the children’s work at Wonder Museum that they wanted to share this with their supporters: Ciara, Mabel, Lal, Selin, Sam L, Amelie, Ben, Charlotte and Zacky, their parents and grandparents, kindly took time to travel to London. The children were amazing as they explained their work to the public in the art gallery. They certainly enjoyed the drinks and canopies in amongst the portraits.  Ciara also gave a speech to 200 people explaining on behalf of Year 5 what the children had learnt during the topic of Wonder. She was a star! The feedback was amazing, many thanked us for supporting people with disfigurements, and how confident and clear the children were in their learning.    A very proud moment.

“Night Zoo Keeper” - World Creative Writing Month.

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“Night Zoo Keeper” - World Creative Writing Month.

This message is from Y5 teachers to say how proud we are of Year 5 children.

The children took part in a world writing competition. Their team work and team spirit, dedication and sheer determination, was so impressive.  Their aim was to produce a range of creative writing that we really enjoyed reading. The standard of writing really improved as they continued to write. We would like to say a big thank you to the parents as well, as much of this work was completed at home.

The amazing news was that out of 414 classes across the world Y5 Chameleons came 4th in the league. More astounding was that Y5 Komodos came 2nd in the world.

Please watch this link to see Johnny explaining what happened in the final week and to hear Scarlet’s poem.

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