Building Maintenance Fund Voluntary Donations

A BIG thank you to all our Tetherdown families. 
So far £20,552.40 has been donated.

As you are probably aware, school budgets are under pressure from cuts in funding and rising costs. An increasing proportion of schools’ funding goes to the borough’s more vulnerable children - for example, those with English as an additional language, low attainment, or entitlement to free school meals. Tetherdown has become one of the least funded schools in the borough, to the point that it is now hard to provide the education we want with the funding we receive.

With costs increasing due to increased pension contributions, apprentice tax, pay rises and rising utility bills, Tetherdown is set for a deficit budget this year and will face severe financial challenges in coming years.

Of course, our priority at Tetherdown is to ensure that the children receive the best possible education, and we want to protect the funding we receive for this purpose.  Around 80% of our annual budget is spent on staff costs and we need to make sure that we can continue to afford staff with the right levels of experience and expertise.  Enhancements in provision are mostly paid for by the PSA’s wonderful fundraising efforts.

You may be aware that local schools such as Fortismere, Coleridge and Muswell Hill, as well as many more nationally, have asked parents for direct contributions. We have avoided doing so for as long as we could, but the Governors and Senior Leadership Team have now decided to ask you for voluntary contributions of £30 per family per term to go towards school safety and maintenance.
Even though the school is owned by the Local Authority, we are responsible for all upkeep; everything from maintaining the boilers to fixing the roof and guttering. Over the past 8 years, our Local Authority funding for capital work has been reduced by 66% to £8,725 a year. Meanwhile, as the buildings age, more upkeep is required.

We prioritise carefully, but of course new issues arise regularly that we cannot plan for. By way of example, the school is currently in need of the following:
  • replacement windows in the yellow-floor toilets;
  • an updated CCTV and main entrance system for increased security purposes, including Securepass system for visitors;
  • re-sealing of hall floor, long overdue;
  • to replace classroom chairs, tables and carpets, many of which are broken after years of wear and tear;
  • renewal of fire extinguishers coming to the end of their life;
  • replacement gates (main entrance) for improved security.
  • Repair bolier and pipes in the new boiler room.
  • Remiedial works to Dorma doors.
  • Rolling programme for maintenance and repair of lighting systems.
  • External guttter clean.
  • Supply and fit 3 fog lights.
  • Roof reparis following ingress.
Under our procurement policy, we always ask for several quotes and try to get the best value for money – but if any parents with procurement experience would like to volunteer their help, we would be delighted to hear from you.

We really hope that you understand the pressures that we, Tetherdown, face and will support the school in this way to help us provide the best education that we can for your children.  Contributions will be via ParentMail and can be made either termly (£30) or annually (£90) and will show up in your ParentMail account – as Building and Maintenance Fund – on Friday 20th April 2018. 

We thank you in advance for your understanding and generosity.

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