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Tetherdown values the wider curriculum and offers an extensive timetable of extra-curricular activities from sport, to arts, crafts, music, drama and more.  

Click here for our Autumn 2019-20 timetable. Please note some club information still needs needs to be confirmed and is annotated on this timetable. These clubs are still taking place.

Please contact clubs directly for start and finish dates and any further information.

Tetherdown Extended Day Sports Clubs (with Mr Reynolds)
We have introduced a new system called School Interviews to manage school events e.g. parents’ evening, volunteering for trips and school meal preference changes. This system will now also be used to register your interest for all Tetherdown Sports clubs going forward. Termly in advance letters with will be emailed to parents via ParentMail with details and include an active link of how to register your interest using School Interviews.

Spring Term 2020 Extended Day Sports Clubs –  Cost: £70 per club.

Club Name



Start date

End date

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14th Jan

24th March





15th Jan

25th March





16th Jan

26th March





17th Jan

27th March


Terms and Conditions

By registering your interest via school interviews you are agreeing that you have read and understood the information below. Note: You will be notified in advance of any changes to Terms and Conditions which are at the discretion of the PE Co-Ordinator.

  1. You are registering your interest ONLY.
  2. All clubs have a limit on available places, and this varies per club.
  3. All clubs run weekly on the day advertised starting at 3:30pm and ending at 4:45pm UNLESS otherwise described OR notified in advance via ParentMail.  No clubs run on INSET days when the school is closed.
  4. Your child has secured a place when you have received confirmation via ParentMail AND your ParentMail payment has been paid in full no later than 48 hours before the first session.
  5. Non-payment of club charges 48 hours before the first session will result in your place being automatically forfeited and, the place being offered out to the first person on any waiting list.
  6. Club payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Places on clubs are NON-TRANSFERABLE.
  7. If you do not register your interest online you will not be considered for the above clubs. Email registration or otherwise will not be considered.
  8. If you are unsuccessful with your application, a waiting list will be started and you will be notified if a space becomes available.
  9. Waiting lists are only valid for the term the club is running.

Tetherdown Holiday Camp

At Tetherdown we run a variety of activities over the school holidays.  Holiday camp information will be available here as necessary which includes a full breakdown of which camps will be provided, costs and for the booking and registration forms. For any enquiries please email:

Breakfast Club

We have a breakfast club running from 7.40 am until 8.50 am every morning for pupils from Tetherdown and St. James' school.     

We offer breakfast alongside structured activities in the school hall, art and craft and box games.  For general enquiries and registration please contact Ms. Dianne Geen Moore on the following email:

Daily fees:

 Tetherdown pupils: £4.50 per child or £8.00 for 2 siblings.

 St. James' pupils £5.00 per child or £9.00 for 2 siblings.

To book a place please complete the registration form and hand it to the school office. 

Emergency Contact number: 07580 576 147 - (7:30-8:50 am) Please do not leave a voicemail message or text.

Entrance to breakfast club in the school hall is via the reception playground at the rear of the school.

Tetherdown pupils click here for Tetherdown Breakfast Club registration form.

St James' pupils click here for St James' Breakfast Club registration form. 

After School Club

We have a daily after school club running from 3.30pm until 6.00pm for pupils from Tetherdown and St. James' school. However, going forward only Tetherdown pupils will be able to register for a place on the after school club. 

We offer a light snack with fruit alongside structured activities in the school hall, classrooms and playground engaging in sporting activities, arts and crafts, board games and a film club.

For general enquiries and registration queries please email the after school club on the following email:

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