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Topic Letter Spring 1                     Topic Letter Spring 2

TREE                                          Yr 4 topic letter Spring 2 March 2016.pdf

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Meet and Greet Letter                           
The Verulamium 

Year 4 went on an amazing trip to the Roman Verulamium museum. They handled ancient Roman objects. Also, they spoke and asked questions to experts on Pompeii and how it was destroyed.

Next, Year 4 got asked questions on a worksheet and had to find the answers around the museum. "My favourite part was handling the old objects," said one of the pupils in Year 4 Jaguars.  "I thought it was cool that someone in ancient Rome had actually touched it!" said a girl in Year 4 Leopards. "I found it fun when we had to go round and look at the different objects to find the answers," said a boy in Year 4. Finally, they went to look at the fabulous mosaic, with a hypocaust, and got a chance to sketch parts of it. 
By Lola (Y4 Jaguars) and Amelie (Y4 Leopards)                                                           


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