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Y5 Tudor Banquet

That time of year has arrived when King Henry summoned Y5 to his annual feast. And what a feast it was, as many children quoted the food was amazing! They ate and drank all day- holding toasts to entertainers. We were impressed with the musical pieces on a variety of instruments, poetry, dancing, juggling and acrobatics. The play scripts written by the children came to life (we think we may have a potential Shakespeare amongst the Year 5’s). The costumes really helped to bring the feast to life. But it was clear that they did not enjoy wearing a ruff all day!

Thank you to all the parents who came in to help with warming food, organising the kitchen staff and helping to prepare children with costumes and delicious courses for such a memorable day.


Many children were heard as they walked down the corridor…’I don’t think I will ever need to eat again’!

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