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Year 3 Peacocks St James Church

posted 29 Jan 2016, 06:37 by Tetherdown Primary

Yesterday in the afternoon, the 27th January, Peacocks walked to St James’ Church. There were very nice people we performed to.

Once we arrived I had very annoying nerves in my body/butterflies, but once I started singing I was absolutely fine (it was like they grew legs and walked away). When we were about to start Mr Evans asked me if I could say something, and I think those nerves walked back in.


After we finished our songs, this is the best bit, we finally got our delicious biscuits and fruity juice.

Soon after that, we asked the elderly people questions about their lives and how long they’ve been at the tea club for. One of them had been there for 15 years and I think one of them was a hundred.

In conclusion I thought today was great and I loved it. My favourite part was preforming because it gave the elderly people pleasure.

From Rosie and Clara