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Year 3 Parrot’s Fantastic Church Trip

posted 25 May 2017, 05:17 by Tony Woodward

On Wednesday 24th of May Year 3 Parrots visited St James’ Church to sing, recite poems and play tunes on our ocarinas to the ‘elderley people’ for their Tea Time Club. Although we were very nervous we overcame our fears and had a fantastic time.

While we were there we recited a selection of poems such as ‘The Little Worm’ and ‘Great Green Globs’. Also we sang lovely tunes like: ‘Kumbaya’ and ‘All things Bright and Beautiful’. Other Egyptian songs included ‘Egypt, the Gift of the Nile’ and ‘How to Make a Mummy’. After this we had some squash and yummy biscuits. Then we asked our attentive audience some questions. Amazingly, a Lady called ‘Janet’ had just turned 100 the day before our performance and we merrily sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. It made her smile. Then we looked at her letter from the Queen. It was mounted in a gold, wooden frame and looked very special.

George’s favourite part of the trip was meeting the old people because they reminded him of his great grandpa who was really kind. Maisie’s favourite thing was eating the biscuits and drinking the squash. Overall, Parrots had an amazing time on the trip and were very proud to show off their musical skills. Straight after the performance, one of the elderly people told Ms Joseph that she used to be a primary school teacher many years ago and that “Your children are amazing and their behaviour is exemplary!”