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Year 2 Visit to St James Church for the Christmas Experience

posted 8 Dec 2017, 06:02 by Tony Woodward

On Tuesday 5th December, Year 2 visited the wonderful St James’ Church.  When we arrived we went into a real time machine.  This took us to 700BC. Firstly, we met a prophet who told us that one day a little, special baby will be born and he will rescue the world.  Then we met an angel and Mary. The angel told Mary that one day she will have a baby, who would be the son of God.  Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem on a tired, thirsty donkey.  When they eventually got there, there was no room at the inn.  They had to stay in a hot, stinky stable.  Jesus was then born.  We then met one of the wise men who showed us the gifts that were taken to baby Jesus.  They were gold, frankincense and myrrh.  We were able to see lots of animals, which were all inside the church.  There was a soft donkey, a furry dog, a smooth duck and nice sheep.  We all really liked the animals and meeting the different characters around the church.  At the end we sat around a table and discussed why Christians and lots of other people celebrate Christmas.


By Chloe and Lucien, Year 2 Owls