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Y6 Victorian Day

posted 13 Nov 2015, 07:33 by Tetherdown Primary

In year 6 our new topic is Victorians. We kicked it off with doing Victorian day on the 3rd of November. Everyone dressed up in different Victorian outfits. The first second we walked into the classroom, we knew it was going to be a tough day! The teachers were extremely harsh and unforgiving and told us off before we even reached the building. As we walked into the classroom, the walls were covered in black paper with prayers and poems written in chalk, just like

a proper Victorian classroom! The teachers shouted at us all day and gave us a harsh ‘whipping’ for doing naughty things like sighing. The Teacher took us outside, and told us to scream on the count of three, to make it sound as if we were actually being whipped. Luckily, the teacher only whacked the cane against the wall and not on our hands! The Victorian children wouldn’t have been so lucky! The punishments also included wearing the dunce hat for being too slow and being sent out of the room to polish teachers shoes. In conclusion, it was a very tough day but it helped us understand how the Victorians learnt and what a typical school day was like for them. We also learnt how tough teachers can be and how good their acting skills are! We are so lucky to live in the modern days!   

Written by Emilie and Joseph.