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World War II Day in Year 5

posted 24 Nov 2016, 06:24 by Tetherdown Primary   [ updated 24 Nov 2016, 08:28 ]
On the 22nd November in Year 5 it was World War II day.  We learnt about the war in a fun and educational way.  Most people chose to dress up.  First we learnt about Bletchley Park which was where people broke codes.  Then we had a chance to break codes and then make our own.  Some people wanted to be secret agents, but some didn’t because you couldn’t talk about your work at all.  After break we learnt about propaganda posters and what they were used for.  Propaganda posters were used to send messages that were intended to change people’s behaviour.  We then made our own ‘Careless talk costs lives’ posters.  After lunch we were split into groups.  One group went to the allotment first with Ms Maude and sang “Run rabbit, run!” before digging for victory.  Then we went into an air raid shelter and we heard bombs dropping.  It was exciting but also quite scary because the bombs were very loud.  Afterwards we went into Ms Bottomley’s class where we pretended we were evacuees in the war.  We felt very happy, and we learnt a lot about World War II.  We want to thank all the teachers for arranging such a fun day.  By Matteo and Sophia.