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Visit from Sarah Shafi

posted 8 Dec 2017, 06:01 by Tony Woodward

On Thursday 7th December, Sarah Shafi (the creator of the Ridiculous Witches series ), came to Tetherdown School to discuss her new and improved children’s books with Y4, Y5 and Y6.  Everybody was extremely inquisitive, and were very excited to find out more about her six new hilarious books. She let us in on a little secret and told us some top tips on how to start and end a story.  In addition, she mysteriously told us that she is working on a seventh exciting novel.  Sara has started to write a book about her experiences and life in general.  We were able to ask questions about anything puzzling us and were interested to know more about her books.  Now we were coming to the end of the interesting and inspiring talk; everybody was so eager to know more.  Kindly, she gave away three copies of her books to the best questioners.  

By Safia and Marco Year 6