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Mapping Week

posted 24 Nov 2017, 03:26 by Tony Woodward

Mapping Week

Last week was mapping week, an exciting, fun-filled week where our activities were dedicated to maps. All pupils old and young took part in all the thrilling mapping events. We would like to thank all those kind parents and relatives who have generously donated their time to come in and talked or presented something to the classes.

Firstly, on Monday morning, all students were split into their MAGIC groups and participated in a number of various activities. Each class teacher had set up a unique activity. I know for one, that as being in it; Mr Fossey’s class mapped their dream classroom with a younger partner and have heard that in Ms Hughes’s class made dioramas of aspects of school that help you outside of school. After lunch, all children headed back to their classes and got on with some more, amazing map-related tasks.

Secondly, on Tuesday, Year 5 took part in an enjoyable orienteering task. We were split into groups of 3 by Mr Holloway. In addition to that, we were given an atlas, a sheet with the task that we needed to complete on it, a trundle wheel, a pencil and a leaflet showing Ms Hughes, Ms Ashraf and Mr Holloway’s itinerary. The task was to travel around the world (a display of cones with flags on them which were a certain distance apart) and go to the countries on each of the Teachers’ itinerary and work out how far apart the countries were from each other and what countries the flags represented.

On Wednesday, the great Tetherdown Tiddler Treasure Hunt began for the Year 6s and their enthusiastic and exhilarated Reception partners. Filled with endless thrills they bounded round the school floors following the many different clues. Kindly, Josie, with the help of Ms Ashraf put up 41 little people. Josie is a street artist and puts up these mini figures all around Muswell Hill so a huge thanks to her as without her and her artistic flair the hunt, linking different years, would never have taken place.

That Thursday, our class: Year 5 Chameleons were partnered up with a Year 1 class to go on this mini orienteering adventure. We were split into four different groups: yellow floor, blue floor, red floor and green floor. In our groups we trekked round our floor with an adult and our pairs following the clues. Every clue was made by the Year 5 students to challenge but not puzzle our partners. As well as that, Aldena, Josie, Ms Ashraf and Ms Hughes constructed a video all about the Tetherdown tiddlers to show the little ones. Some clues required you to know where North, South, West and East are (North being the way in which the office faces) and some tested your knowledge of the school building and playgrounds.

The next day, on Friday, we had an extremely special assembly where each class presented what they had been working on as a class project during the week. We saw many amazing pieces of writing, art, maps and maths. All the pupils had really come together through the week. Lastly but definitely not least, Francesca and Poppy handed over a picture frame filled with photos of Josie and her mini figures. Josie was delighted with her gift and we all hope that she knows how much we really do thank her.

Overall, mapping week was a fantastic, joyous event which built on our understanding of maps and the world around us. Yet again, a huge thanks to all the parents and staff who contributed to this fun event.

By Francesca and Clara