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Year 3 Parrot’s Fantastic Church Trip

posted 25 May 2017, 05:17 by Tony Woodward

On Wednesday 24th of May Year 3 Parrots visited St James’ Church to sing, recite poems and play tunes on our ocarinas to the ‘elderley people’ for their Tea Time Club. Although we were very nervous we overcame our fears and had a fantastic time.

While we were there we recited a selection of poems such as ‘The Little Worm’ and ‘Great Green Globs’. Also we sang lovely tunes like: ‘Kumbaya’ and ‘All things Bright and Beautiful’. Other Egyptian songs included ‘Egypt, the Gift of the Nile’ and ‘How to Make a Mummy’. After this we had some squash and yummy biscuits. Then we asked our attentive audience some questions. Amazingly, a Lady called ‘Janet’ had just turned 100 the day before our performance and we merrily sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. It made her smile. Then we looked at her letter from the Queen. It was mounted in a gold, wooden frame and looked very special.

George’s favourite part of the trip was meeting the old people because they reminded him of his great grandpa who was really kind. Maisie’s favourite thing was eating the biscuits and drinking the squash. Overall, Parrots had an amazing time on the trip and were very proud to show off their musical skills. Straight after the performance, one of the elderly people told Ms Joseph that she used to be a primary school teacher many years ago and that “Your children are amazing and their behaviour is exemplary!” 

Nathan Fox inspires children to take part in PE and develop their love of sport!

posted 20 Jan 2017, 05:58 by Tetherdown Primary

On Thursday Nathan Fox British Triple Jump Champion and hopeful Olympic contender in the 202 Olympics came in to school and inspired our children to take part in physical activities.  They had great fun – even the staff – running on the spot, spotty dogs and fantastic press-ups! Every child had a go and Nathan commented that we were one of the most enthusiastic and fittest schools he has visited!  Nathan then led an assembly about his sporting journey to success and gave the children some wonderful messages about the enjoyment of sport and the importance of perseverance.  Please keep collecting your sponsor money: there are prizes for those children collecting the most funds, including a signed poster of Nathan Fox in action! 


Many thanks to Mr Holloway for organising this event and to all the staff for their enthusiasm and participation.

Senior Choir at the O2 Arena - Young Voices Choir 2017!

posted 19 Jan 2017, 05:45 by Tetherdown Primary   [ updated 20 Jan 2017, 05:50 ]

On Tuesday the 17th of January, The Tetherdown Choir (seniors) went to sing with Young Voices at the O2 arena. Young Voices is the world’s biggest choir get together.  We sang eleven songs and had many special guests. Natalie Williams, a jazz singer, came in to sing for us but not just that, the world champion beatboxers came in! Amazingly, a dance group, called the Urban Striders, came in and did some brilliant moves with us and for us. The Tetherdown Choir had an awesome time at the O2 and sung their hearts out.  Thank you Miss Champion for all your hard work!

By Daisy, Catrin and Janya   


Term Dates 2017-18

posted 17 Jan 2017, 03:38 by Tetherdown Primary

Term dates are now available for next year (2017-18).  Please click here for details.

"500 words" - Radio 2 Writing Competition

posted 16 Jan 2017, 09:11 by Tetherdown Primary

This very exciting national writing competition ‘500 words’ has returned for another year. ‘500 words’ is a Radio 2 competition for which the children write a short creative and fictional story in no more than 500 words.  The winners will be invited to the Tower of London where they will meet the Duchess of Cornwall and various celebrities. Prizes include Chris Evans’ height in books and 500 books for the school. This is an excellent opportunity for the children to develop their skills in writing for enjoyment and become young published writers.

The competition opens on the 16th January 2017 and closes for entries at 7.00pm on the 23rd of February 2017. All entries need to be typed up on a word document and entry is via an online entry form available at www.bbc.co.uk/500words. We will be raising the profile of this initiative in assembly next week and encourage your child to enter.  You can find all the details about the competition on www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00rfvk1

Kind regards

Miss Sweeney

English Co-ordinator

Our Tremendous Y4 Trip to St James Church

posted 14 Dec 2016, 23:55 by Tetherdown Primary

On Friday 2nd December 2016 Year 4 Jaguar and Leopard Class went on a brilliant trip to St James Church nativity workshop. We all came home with smiling, cheery faces as it was extremely fun and fascinating. This is what happened:

First, we entered the main hall where colour-in Christmas story wheels were awaiting, ready to be decorated. We were split into two groups. Group one was the first to enter the first set with Zakharia The Prophet. Meanwhile, group two waited patiently as they coloured in their Christmas wheels.


In the first section we entered, Zakharia The Prophet was foretelling the future and telling us the first part of the story before we walked into the next set. It was very interesting as I didn’t even know this part of the story.


Secondly, we entered the Mary and Gabriel scene. A lady dressed up as Mary showed us what was, apparently, her engagement ring.  Then an angel shape was projected on the wall as a speaker said what Gabriel told Mary in the story.  Next, we entered the fascinating set with the innkeeper and scroll. We sang a song and she told us more about the story before we quickly wrote our names down on the scroll.


Afterwards, we met the shepherd and his sheep beside a fake but very realistic fire. Soon we had entered the ‘King’s Room’ where he asked us about where Jesus was. Later, we rushed into the stables where loads of live animals were roaming around in a pen. We got to feed them and it was very entertaining but before long we were ushered into the next set. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and have learnt more about the Christmas story.


Francesca and Bella (Year 4 Jaguars)


India Day in Year 3

posted 14 Dec 2016, 00:37 by Tetherdown Primary

Our Fun India Day!!!

On a fascinating Thursday Y3 had an amazing day!  We shaped our Diva lamps, listened to Niah’s Mum and Dad’s presentation, did Bollywood dancing and tasted scrumptious Indian food.  My favourite thing was the Indian food tasting because I loved the poppadums and lots of other yummy food.  I also made some biscuits that most of the class liked!  I also really liked making Diva lamps.  My Diva lamp had nice patterns and it also could fit two candles!  By Atlas (Y3 Parrots).

World War II Day in Year 5

posted 24 Nov 2016, 06:24 by Tetherdown Primary   [ updated 24 Nov 2016, 08:28 ]

On the 22nd November in Year 5 it was World War II day.  We learnt about the war in a fun and educational way.  Most people chose to dress up.  First we learnt about Bletchley Park which was where people broke codes.  Then we had a chance to break codes and then make our own.  Some people wanted to be secret agents, but some didn’t because you couldn’t talk about your work at all.  After break we learnt about propaganda posters and what they were used for.  Propaganda posters were used to send messages that were intended to change people’s behaviour.  We then made our own ‘Careless talk costs lives’ posters.  After lunch we were split into groups.  One group went to the allotment first with Ms Maude and sang “Run rabbit, run!” before digging for victory.  Then we went into an air raid shelter and we heard bombs dropping.  It was exciting but also quite scary because the bombs were very loud.  Afterwards we went into Ms Bottomley’s class where we pretended we were evacuees in the war.  We felt very happy, and we learnt a lot about World War II.  We want to thank all the teachers for arranging such a fun day.  By Matteo and Sophia.

Netball Tournament by Daria, Year 4 Leopards

posted 10 Nov 2016, 02:42 by Tetherdown Primary   [ updated 10 Nov 2016, 02:42 ]

It was the 18th October 2016 when Matilda, Scarlett, Lal, Selin, Mabel, Jemima and Anushka went to the netball competition. They were competing against 16 other schools, the first being St Ignatius. The result of this match was a draw. The second match Tetherdown unfortunately lost, but it was against a really challenging team. On the third match they were playing against St Michael’s and won! On the fourth match the team we were playing against had not arrived so we got a 3-0 victory for free. So far Tetherdown was playing very well.

Now Belmont was our opponent. The girls played so well and won again. The next team was Crowland and both teams failed to score and the match finished with zero goals. Now Tetherdown was playing beautiful netball. Muswell Hill was the next team and we won yet again! Then it was the last match before we found out who got into the semi-finals. We had to play against Rhodes Avenue and of course we won!

We found out that we qualified for the semi-finals. It was a fast and furious game which finished a draw, 2-2. The first team to score a goal would decide the winner, which we didn’t manage to do. We turned out to be joint third overall but the most important thing is the girls played brilliantly throughout the whole competition and Mr Holloway said the girls should be so proud of themselves. The winning school was Coldfall. 

Y5 Welly Walk

posted 9 Nov 2016, 10:24 by Tetherdown Primary

On 18th of October 2016 Year 5 went on the Great African Welly Walk. They walked 3.7 miles around Highgate Woods in their wellies to raise money for a charity that provides farming equipment to countries in Africa.  It was incredibly muddy and this made it hard for them not to fall over! Once they got to the park they had their snacks and played in the field. On the way back, we did one more lap around the woods. It was hard work.


We collected sponsor money and we got as much as £585.  Thank you Y5 and all the parents who came on the walk with us.  By Siena and Jey.

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