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Dear Parent / Carer

There are currently vacancies for TWO parent governors of pupils attending Tetherdown School.

In addition to parent governors the governing body includes:

One LA Governor                                  Nominated by the Local Authority

One Staff Governor                               Elected by the other staff at the school

Headteacher Governor                          If he/she elects to be

Co-opted Governors                              Appointed by other governors

Parent Governors have an important strategic part to play in helping to ensure that our children receive the best possible education and get the most out of the time they spend at Tetherdown.  Only parents, guardians and carers of pupils attending the school are eligible to stand or vote in the election.  If there are more nominations than places available, an election/ballot will be held.  The governing body has determined that the term of office for a parent governor is four years. If you are elected you may serve the full term of office even if your child leaves the school before your term of office finishes.

To complement the skills of current governors, applications from candidates with expertise or interest in managing finance and/or candidates who may be able to offer change management or strategic leadership experience would be particularly welcome.  However, what we value above all is enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication to providing strategic guidance to and support for the leadership of the school. For further details about the role of a parent governor click here.

1.   If you are interested in being a parent governor, nominations are available online via this link: Online Nomination. Please ensure that you submit the online form by 12noon, Friday 9th October 2020 as this form will expire at the time and date stated.  Nomination requires each candidate to provide a brief personal statement about themselves and why they would like to be a governor.  The statement must not exceed 100 words in length. Only if you cannot nominate using the link to the online form above, parents can instead complete the nomination form here, which may be returned by pupil post in a sealed envelope or post office mail. This must arrive at the school no later than the nomination closing time and date stated above.

2.     After the closing date for nominations we will inform parents whether we need to hold a parent ballot which we will run using an online voting form, via the email address we have registered for parents in the school database (please contact us if you want to check or update this information).  Ballot papers, including the candidate's personal statements, will be emailed to parents on Friday, 16th October 2020, to help you decide how to vote.  If you cannot vote online, you will still be able to participate and we will send more details to you about how to vote online or otherwise when voting is about to start.


3.     The votes will be counted, and the results will be emailed to parents when we return from half term.


Yours sincerely

Gary Robson

Chair of the Governing Body


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