Governors meet on a regular basis to look into specific areas of responsibility.  Each committee organises its activities through agreed Terms of Reference.  For a full copy of the Terms of Reference for each committee please contact the school.

Learning & Community:  Tony, Gary,
Annie, Louise , Philippa (Chair), Mark (Vice Chair)

Learning &  Community Governors have responsibility for the following specific areas:
  • to contribute towards, and monitor, the School Development Plan in respect of curriculum issues
  • to contribute towards, and monitor, the Self Evaluation Form
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of provision through assessment outcomes by scrutinising data on teaching & learning, pupil progress and the attainment of different groups, comparing this with local and national data.
  • to receive and consider reports from the LA or other external consultants/ agencies regarding teaching & learning or provision
  • to review the school’s curriculum policies and advise the governing body on these;
  • to monitor pupil attendance data
  • to monitor the school's contribution to pupil well-being, including the extent to which pupils feel safe, adopt healthy lifestyles and contribute to the school and wider community;
  • to monitor the school’s provision in respect of preparing children for life in modern Britain and having due regard to the need to prevent people being drawn into terrorism.
  • the effectiveness of partnerships with other schools, external agencies and the community, to improve the school, extend the curriculum and increase the range and quality of learning experiences for pupils.
  • the engagement of parents with the school, parental views and how these are taken into account
  • community links and community use of the school, monitoring and evaluating the school’s contribution to promoting community cohesion
  • monitor and evaluate staffing policies and procedures, ensuring that all principles of good and fair employment practice are adhered to, that staff and trade unions are consulted and legal requirements fulfilled 
  • agree with the Headteacher the staffing establishment and structure (teaching and non-teaching) at least annually in relation to the budget and the school development plan;
  • ensure that the school complies with the General Equality Duty in relation to staff. See annex A
  • ensure the school complies with all requirements in relation to safer recruitment
  • monitor and evaluate the impact of the budget for continuing professional development
  • ensure a review of the whole school pay policy to take account of local and national developments and make appropriate recommendations to the governing body

Resources: Jane, Tony,  Carl, Michelle, Richard, Genevieve (Chair), Ben
  • to monitor the budget (and any other devolved funds ) and ensure a termly report to the Governing Body drawing on evaluations from the other committees and making any appropriate recommendations for future budgetary decisions;
  • to contribute towards, and monitor, the School Development Plan in respect of finance issues;
  • to ensure that the school operates within the financial regulations of the local authority and complies with any DfE and SFVS requirements, responding to any issues arising from the audit of the school's accounts or SFVS review and ensuring value for money;
  • to carry out responsibilities delegated  by the Governing Body in accordance with the scheme of delegation and recommended financial roles and responsibilities (see Haringey Financial Standards Manual and Chair of Finance Role Profile);
  • to prepare and review financial policy statements, including consideration of long term planning and resourcing;
  • monitor and evaluate health and safety and emergency procedures ensuring that necessary checks and risk assessments are carried out and action points are implemented;
  • to progress the Accessibility Plan;
  • to ensure that regular health & safety checks take place, to receive reports on such checks and monitor the implementation of health and safety legislation within the school;
  • to prepare a lettings and charges policy for the approval of the Governing Body;
  • to monitor the preparation and implementation of premises’ contracts, energy conservation, rolling programmes, etc;
  • to receive and consider reports and consultation papers from the LA and other bodies concerning premises issues to provide guidance to the Governing Body.

Strategic Group: Chair and Vice Chair of Full Governing Body, Chair of Learning & Community Committee, Chair of Resources Committee and Headteacher.

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