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Lower Phase
Reception: Ladybirds and Butterflies
Year 1: Dragonflies and Bumblebees 

Middle Phase
Year 2: Owls and Eagles
 Year 2 Page
Year 3: Parrots and Peacocks 
Year 4: Jaguars and Leopards  
 Year 4 Page

Upper Phase
Year 5: Chameleons and Komodos  
 Year 5 Page
Year 6: Phoenix and Griffins 
 Year 6 Page

National Oak Academy 
Online Learning Guidance During Isolation

Guidance on isolation periods will be provided to you at the time (advice changes often).  Your child should access online learning provided by Oak National Academy at Choose the right year group (do not go outside of these parameters).

Your child must undertake a Maths lesson, an English lesson and a Foundation activity.  You should devise a timetable of up to one hour per subject per day (flexible, dependent on age); providing a structure to the day is incredibly valuable.  Your child should also read daily, practise number bonds or times-tables, and if possible, keep a simple journal or diary to gather thoughts and feelings.  Your child's class teacher will make contact with you to check on progress.

Remote Learning Plan Spring 2021 

Please find our Remote Learning Plan for Spring 2021 by clicking here.  Alternatively, you can also find this document located via the Parents/Letter tab or COVID tab.