Sport at Tetherdown

The school has very successfully uses the Primary Schools PE and Sport premium to fund a full time sports coach. Our sports coach, supported by the very experienced PE coordinator enables the delivery of high quality PE lessons to all children, encouraging all children to access intra-school competition and has facilitated the establishment of many extra-curricular school sports clubs. Since embracing sport we are all witnessing the very real benefits that this new focus is bringing to the vast majority, if not all, children in Tetherdown. We are delighted with the success the school has had in such a short time in developing a sporting legacy and will endeavor to build on our success and take the school from strength to strength!

  • all children receive two sessions of high quality PE per week. Sports are varied and tailored to suit individual year groups. 
  • our children are encouraged to try out new sports during the school day (at lunchtime clubs and within the new sporting syllabus), e.g. netball, hockey, football, cross county, TAG rugby, table tennis and more. 
  • extra-curricular clubs currently offered by the school include netball, girls and boys football, hockey, TAG rugby and cross country. 
  • children learn about teamwork and recognizing the strength of every player in the team. Through participation in inter- and intra-school competitions, they work together to achieve results and are enjoying celebrating successes and sharing losses together. They are also learning the etiquette of being dignified winners and losers. 
  • some of our children relish the opportunity to demonstrate excellence through newly discovered sporting skills, leading to heightened peer respect and leadership opportunities. 
  • the older sporting children are becoming role models for the younger children. In turn, this is resulting in the younger children developing their own interest in sport at a younger age. 
  • our children develop an interest in leading healthy, happy lives through sport and there are a number of great examples where the children are encouraging their parents to get involved, bringing sport home to their families and the broader community.
  • Sporting School of the Year 2014 (Haringey)
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