Lower Phase Home Learning - Summer 2
Reception: Ladybirds and Butterflies
Year 1: Bumblebees and Dragonflies

In the coming weeks we will be liaising directly with children through recorded video and later through face to face meetings in small groups. For now, we will continue to provide the timetable and distance learning encouraging a collaborative approach to family learning. See timetable link below for guidance.

There may be occasions where the work may be too challenging; please feel free to look at the lower year’s expectations. Equally, should you wish to challenge your child further, then take a look at the success criteria for the higher years (one year at a time).

Click here to access the Lower Phase Parent Guide to the 'Assignments' tool on Teams.

Summer 2

From Friday 19th June Distance Learning Resources will be accessible via TEAMs and will no longer be posted below.

Click here for our Phase 4 Roadmap.

 Lower Phase: Year 1 Bumblebees and Dragonflies

 WEEK Maths English Other
 8Following on from Mr Woodward's email of 8th June, from the 15th June all Maths Resources will only be in TEAMS (your child's class area). Please go to Class Team (e.g. Parrots) > General > File (tabs along the top of the main window underneath the search bar)> class materials.

Writing w/c 15 June 
Suffix-plurals (printable)
Suffixes -verb endings ing and ed printable
Prefix-un (printable)
Handwriting numbers and number words
Handwriting capital letters

Scavenger Hunt
Marshmallow Catapult
Art Lesson 1

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