Absence Requests

Absence Request Form

Requests for absence will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances and should be made at least 1 week in advance to the proposed date(s) of the absence.

Please ensure that you do not book holidays or flights for before term ends or for after term has begun. Every day in school matters. We see the number of requests for time out of school rise considerably towards the end of each term. It is impossible for us to distinguish between a bona fida request for leave and those taking an opportunity to leave for a holiday.

All requests for leave during term time are monitored by the Headteacher who may request to meet with you to discuss your request further.

Medical Absence Requests
Any medical or dental appointments taken during the school day whereby your child returns back to school on the same day of the appointment, parents are not require to complete an Absence Request Form. However, we kindly ask that were possible to make medical and dental appointments outside of school hours and during the school holidays. We appreciate that this is not always possible, but every day in school matters.

if you do have an appointment arranged please notifiy the school office in advance of this appointment, by emailing We will also require you to bring into the school office your appointment letter either before your appointment or immediately upon your return. Proof of medical/dental appointments are required in order to record your child's non-attendance.

Music Lessons
We are part of the Haringey Instrumental Scheme through which parents can arrange lessons from peripatetic music teachers for children from Y2 – Y6 in violin, piano, woodwind, trumpet and guitar. 

Independent Travellers
We need to know if you allow your child to travel to and from school alone - please fill in the form and return to us asap.

Informing the school that you are leaving us
Please fill in this form by hand and return to the school office as soon as possible.
Change of Meal Preference Form
Please fill in this form by hand and return to the school office as soon as possilbe.
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