Admission to Tetherdown School is regulated by Haringey and subject to their admission policy. Priority is established according to the current admissions criteria, but the largest group admitted is likely to be those with a sibling already at the school. There is no longer a defined catchment area and most of the other places will be filled according to proximity to the school. There are places for 60 children in the Reception class. We now have two forms of entry from Reception to Year 6. Entry to other classes in the school (30 per class) is dependent upon the availability of places.

Such is the demand for places at the school that there is no guarantee of a place, even if you live quite close to the school. You may appeal for a place and should direct any enquiries regarding admissions to the School Admissions department of Haringey Council.

Prospective parents will be invited to visit on dates in the autumn term, which will be advised upon application to the school. When places have been allocated, all prospective parents will be invited to an information evening and to bring their children to visit the Reception class during the summer term prior to admission. Immediately before admission there will be the opportunity for home visits by Reception staff and the children will be admitted under a phased approach, usually within three weeks of the start of term.

Click here for a copy of our School Brochure, providing all parents with important information about the day to day running of the school.

For further information regarding  Haringey admissions, please visit Haringey Council's website.

For DFE School Admissions Code, please view this DFE document.

It contains a lot of information for parents and clearly outlines admission criteria.

Prospective parents of reception aged children starting school in September 2019 and for in-year applicants can now book a school tour date starting in September 2018. To make your booking please book here and follow the on screen instructions. Tours generally last around one hour. In the unlikely event that the school need to cancel a tour date, cancelled dates will be displayed on this page. Thank you.

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